• Business

    For the business man on the clock, Penial Air ensures you get to all your business engagements confidently on time and stress free. Penial air will work within your schedule and your individual needs to create tailor made services just for you and your business.


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  • Safari/Leisure

    Eastern Africa is world reknown for some of the best wildlife and nature tourist circuits. Penial air can give you a first class seat to world reknown sites likes the great Rift Valley, Great Mountain ranges, swathes of magical savannah. Penial air will not only take you there but give you a birds eyeview of the most magical scenery on the planet.

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  • Cargo

    Penial Air will get your precious cargo anywhere within the East and Central African airspaces. Places like Northern Kenya, Juba, Kigali, Lubumbashi among others are within Penials purview. You need it there, we’ll make it happencargo

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  • Medivac

    For quick evacuations on medical grounds, we can easily outfit the most appropriate helicopter to come to the rescue. Penial Air’s aircrafts are easily customizable to suit your need and the terrain.

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