Penial Air has 3 Cessna Caravans. The Cessna Caravan is renowned for its reliability and efficiency especially in diverse environments. The C208 carries 12 people and can handle rough bush landings and smooth tarmac well. It is ideal for business and freight. It can also reliably get you to and from literally anywhere with a half decent air strip. Penial Air will easily and happily take your family and friends on a custom made safari.

BELL 407

Penial Air has 1 Bell 407s. The Bell 407 is a four-blade, single-engine, helicopter that is reliable, fast and safe. The Bell 407 can be fitted to suit your needs from business and leisure to medivac as well as cargo. This helicopter carries six passengers and is known to be the fastest single engine helicopter in Kenya.You need to get somewhere fast and safe? Penial Air will kit out a Bell 407 just for you.

BELL 206

Penial air has 1 Bell 206 helicopter. The Bell 206 carries a maximum of 4 and is the most popular light helicopter in the world. These helicopters are extremely versatile and are mostly used for VIP transport, law enforcement, medevac, petroleum exploration, geological survey, pipeline patrol, powerline patrol, search & rescue, aerial photography, and aerial survey to name a few.